Hey Church!  First, I’m REALLY PUMPED about this blog. I can’t wait to see how God uses it to connect people to God and to each other. Today, I want to share seven things that I want to accomplish through this blog:

  1. I want to communicate what God is speaking to my heart for our church.
  1. I want to communicate biblical truths that can be applied in practical ways in your daily lives.
  1. I want to challenge you to live out your faith.
  1. I want to stir your faith so that your passion for Christ and His Church becomes contagious!
  1. I want to encourage you to do all that God has called you to do and prod you to take the NEXT STEP God is calling you to take! (The most important step in our faith journey is the NEXT ONE!)
  1. I want to keep the vision of “Connecting Unbelievers to God and Believers to Each Other” in front of us so that we can continue to move united and empowered by the Holy Spirit!
  1. As with everything we do, I want to exalt Jesus and His grace, mercy, and love that has the power to take us from death to life!

I know I get the opportunity to do all of this on Sunday morning . . . AND I LOVE IT! But I wanted the chance to communicate with you on a more consistent basis.

God has great kingdom work ahead for His Church (Big C) to do . . . so let’s get busy! Pursue Jesus and those He pursues! Let’s connect them to God and each other!! Love y’all!

– Brandon

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