Hey Connection,

I’m still thanking God for all that He did this past Sunday! We are continuing to see people take their Next Steps of faith as God is moving in their hearts! This past Sunday we saw 21 more people take major Next Steps in areas of salvation (3), Connect Groups (11), Connectors (3) and baptism (4)! ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT! I say this all the time but I WANT YOU TO SEE that God is using you to make an eternal impact for His Kingdom and an eternal impact in the lives of people!

It seems like the best messages I preach are on the days I don’t preach! :-) Joey preached a great message on excuses as we looked at the life of Moses. I have seen many churches that are so pastor driven that there is a huge let down if the pastor isn’t preaching on a particular Sunday. I try to only preach 38-42 times per year so that we will always remember it’s not about who is speaking as long as the Holy Spirit is speaking through them! The purpose of the person preaching is to simply be a conduit of the Holy Spirit and a proclaimer of the greatest news ever heard…THE GOSPEL! I can emphatically tell you that it doesn’t matter who has the microphone if the Holy Spirit is not speaking to people’s hearts! WE ARE BLESSED TO SEE WHAT WE ARE SEEING TAKE PLACE IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE! REMEMBER…DON’T TAKE IF FOR GRANTED AND KEEP PRAYING FERVENTLY!

Don’t forget to pray about where God may want you to go this summer as a part of the 10K5 missions opportunity. We are EXTREMELY excited about what God is going to do through you as you follow His leading to Pray, Go, and Give! Is there any greater privilege than taking God’s message of hope and reconciliation around the world?!

I CAN NOT wait for the baptisms this Sunday! (4-5:30 at Splash in the ‘Boro). If you are a follower of Jesus and have not been baptized as a believer your Next Step IS baptism! You don’t have to pray or think about it…scripture is clear that it IS your Next Step! As these folks publicly declare their faith in Christ we are going to CELEBRATE them having gone from death to life! AWESOME!!

Keep investing…inviting…serving…encouraging! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!