Hey Connection!!

I want to challenge you today to ask yourself who or what is driving your life! Sunday we talked about the importance of Jesus being the King and how we often try to insert ourselves into His seat. We looked at 3 things from 1 Kings 1 that, if kept in proper perspective, will keep us from trying to remove Jesus from the throne of our life.

  1. We can’t underestimate the King’s power. Adonijah, King David’s son, thought that his father was too weak to keep him from assuming the kingship. (See 1 Kings 1:1-8) In light of God’s patience with us it is often easy for us to assume that He is some how weak or uninterested in being King. Reality is that His patience is because of His goodness and not a sign of disinterest or inability. If we really believe Jesus has the power to do everything He promised why would we attempt to usurp His authority? If He really will set our life on a solid foundation, give us a new heart and a new Spirit, heal our brokenness, and lead us to abundant life, why would we reject that?
  2. We can’t underestimate the King’s value. Adonijah decided he would throw himself a party with his father’s stuff. He rallied a few men, got some chariots, and went off to make empty religious sacrifices that were basically to himself and his own kingdom! (See 1 Kings 1:5-10) Many times we do the same things. We underestimate the value of the real King.  Our life becomes about us and we only offer empty religious sacrifices to God! The question we need to ask is “How is my worship of Jesus?” Not just my singing on Sunday morning, but my entire life? Is every aspect of my life driven by the value I place on Jesus? Or do I just make empty religious sacrifices on Sunday that really are more about me than they are about God? When we see the true value of what Jesus has done for us we have no desire for another King or to be King and our lives become the sacrifice of our worship! (Romans 12:2)
  3. We can’t underestimate the consequences of rebellion. Rebellion is sin and sin is rebellion and both lead to death! They masquerade as paths of life but only lead us to destruction. Adonijah thought that this was something that he could get away with but in the end it caused him broken fellowship with God, broken fellowship with others, and a broken and isolated life. (See 1 Kings 1:49-53) It is true that there is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to death. (Proverbs 14:12)

It is interesting that when it was all said and done Adonijah bowed to the real king, Solomon. The same is true for us. One day we will all bow before the real King, Jesus. You might want to check out Matthew 25:31-46.

Can’t wait for Sunday!

Heart and Soul!