Hey Connection!

This Sunday is our big Pre-game service. On Sunday, September 28th we will be tailgaiting before both services and having baptisms after both services. It is going to be a GREAT day! In preparation for this day there are a few things I would like to ask you to do.

1. PrayPray that God will do amazing things on this day as the Gospel is presented. Pray that the Holy Spirit will awaken people’s hearts to the reality of Jesus. AND Pray about who you should invite to be a part of this day.

2. InvestInvest in someone’s life. Invest in those God has called you to share His love with. Invest in those whom God has given you influence with.

3. InviteInvite people you have been investing in to church. Invite people you have been investing in to a relationship with Jesus. (Even better…Do Both!) Invite someone you’ve been investing in to Pre-game on September 28th.

4. PersistPersist in your investment and invitation to those God has put in front of you. Persist with love and grace even when they seem disinterested. Persist with the same persistence that God persisted in His pursuit of you. (Say that sentence 10 times fast!)

There you go, Connection. As a community of believers united by the Holy Spirit we are an unstoppable and powerful force. Let’s leverage the influence God has given us with people to offer them the best news they’ve ever, or maybe have never, heard. Whether it’s the grilled sausage or seeing a friend get baptized, let’s get as many people to church on Sunday, September 28th as we can and let’s see what God does through our obedience!

We will be serving food beginning at 8 AM and 10 AM. Can’t wait!

Heart and Soul,