Hey Connection!

It was so cool to kick off our 9 o’clock service this week. I just wanted to briefly share 3 things that I am loving about this new service.

1. The “Ground Floor” dynamic. I love to see things grow and to be a part of building things. That has been one of my favorite aspects of starting the church. I have the same feeling about the new service. It is exciting to be a part of all that God is going to do through it and to see Him grow it.

2. The excitement of our Connectors. One of the highlights for me on Sunday was seeing the excitement of our volunteers as they served at the services. There was a great feeling of anticipation that God is doing something great! I love to see people fired up about Jesus and His church! I love to see our Connectors loving Jesus and loving people.

3. The way people have stepped up and pulled together. I love it when the Body of Christ functions as the body. The beauty of God’s plan is that His Kingdom on flourishes when the Body functions the way it is designed to function. I’m telling you when we are united by the Holy Spirit around the Gospel of Jesus the church is an unstoppable force.

The Best Is Yet To Come!! Heart and Soul!