Hey Church!!

To say that I am excited about what God is doing and the things coming up in the future is a huge understatement! This Sunday’s message is going to be different from any other message that I have ever preached. To be honest sharing what God has put on my heart this week has me excited as well as a little nervous!

I am also really looking forward to the opportunity we have in a few weeks with the students getting back in town! There will be nearly 21,000 young men and women at GSU this year and many of them live day-to-day not realizing there is a God who loves them and wants to use them for His glory! That, and the fact that only about 30-35% of Statesboro is actually “churched”, is why I believe the message from this past Sunday is so important! If we want to see God’s power move in the church and in our community we must allow Him to cultivate a heart of obedience within us! Remember…God will NOT empower us beyond the point that He can trust us! Here’s a quick recap of the message from this week and the 5 truths to keep in focus if we want to see God’s power cultivated through obedience in our lives:

  1. Obedience comes from love deposited not love earned! Jesus said, ““If you love me, keep my commands.” (See John 14:15-17) Obedience comes from the love Jesus has given us. We don’t become obedient to earn Jesus’ love! The Bible is clear…WE COULD NEVER DO ENOUGH TO EARN HIS AFFECTION, WE CAN ONLY RECEIVE IT AS A GIFT!
  1. Obedience is cultivated in the soil of trust not understanding! (Acts 1:4) The disciples had no clue what was really about to happen in Jerusalem! Yet they obeyed Jesus, not because they had complete understanding, but because they trusted His words!
  1. Obedience is cultivated in the soil of trust not fear! When we begin to realize who God is, His nature, majesty, and grandeur, we should be in awe of Him and even come to the place that Isaiah found himself when he cried out, ““Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.” (Isaiah 6:5) But lasting obedience does not come from fear of a tyrant God who’d like to hit us with a lightning bolt, it comes when you realize the God that could hit you with the full force of His wrath has offered and extended mercy through His Son Jesus Christ!
  1. Obedience is cultivated in humility not self-importance! When Jesus becomes more important to us than we are to ourselves obedience will follow. The ground of the cross is where true humility is found! If we can look to the cross and not be humbled we have yet to recognize the magnitude of what took place there!
  1. Obedience is cultivated in the soil of desperation and dependence not self-reliance and self-sufficiency! To think or live as though we can survive apart from God only proves our arrogance! Psalm 42:1,2 is such a great illustration of how desperate we should be and, in reality, are for God! (By the way…I still don’t like the song! :) It was a joke so all the lovers of “As the Deer” can chill!!)

My prayer is that we would become so consumed with God that our entire lives would mirror His. As we walk in obedience to His word we will see His power flow through us and into a world that is SO desperate for it!